Piracy Films And Music

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Who is winning the war against piracy? 

Piracy is an issue that has been raging for quite a while now and unfortunately, it seems as if that despite the presence of intellectual property rights which prevents people from copying or sharing music or films without permissions or payment, the pirates seems to be winning the game. The law enforcement agency has far too few as compared to the number of people sharing and downloading such content.  

While that is one aspect of the problem, the other issue that needs to be considered is that if such content were not available for free online, would the people watch such content in theaters? If that cannot be said with a guarantee, then it is not possible to make a foolproof case against the pirates. 

Who gets affected: 

It is true that this is a problem that effects artists, production houses, distributions houses and movie makers alike: 

  • The producers of movies seem to be more concerned about projects and their creative strength. In addition, they see some amount of cut-downs in the business. 
  • This reflects by way of smaller budgets for movies leading to smaller salaries or cutting down of jobs in the area which seem redundant. 

However, what this will do is smaller and simpler projects may give way for only those that are genuinely good stories that can be made into movies. But quality will not be affected. The people who are genuinely affected by such piracy are the small-time actors or technicians. The big actors, directors or production houses are not affected by smaller budgets or piracy. Freely available content only increases their presence online which amounts to greater visibility which is what is important in this line of work. 

The law-enforcement has only been able to restrict piracy by focusing and arresting  

  • People who have huge businesses by way of large scale production of illegal CD’s or DVD’s  
  • Distribution of content over mainstream websites where files and videos are shared freely.